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SHAPERX 24 Double Steel Boned Corsets

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Shaperx black 24 double steel boned steel corset features authentic double steel boning to deliver the ultimate waist training effect - providing a lot of strength around your waist area and absolutely heavy duty. You can also wear it as a fashionable Halloween costume, gothic and steampunk cosplay, sexy lingerie, or simply a daily outfit. MATERIALS Inner layers made of high-quality cotton, and 24 steel boning; FEATURES * Classic underbust design * 13.5" Front Center / 13" Back / 12" Side * 24 flat and flexible steel bones * Waist tape for waistline support RESULTS * Powerful slimming sculpts your midsection into an hourglass shape * Creates a curvier silhouette underneath your clothes * Smooths trouble areas on belly and back
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