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Straight Denim

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Straight Denim offers a classic and timeless option for your everyday wear. With its simple and straightforward design, these jeans provide a clean and relaxed silhouette that pairs well with various tops and styles. Whether you're dressing for a casual outing or a more formal occasion, straight denim is a dependable choice for both comfort and fashion versatility.

Inseam length for all sizes are 32"

  • Style: Casual

  • Print / Pattern: Multi Color Distressed

  • Silhouette: Jeans

  • Fit: Straight

  • Embellishment: Distressed

  • Neck Line: n/a

  • Sleeve: n/a

  • Length: Long

  • Closure: Button

  • Lining: n/a


Fabric Contents: 100% Cotton

  • Non-stretch fabric

  • Non-sheer fabric

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold-Gentle cycle-Tumble dry low

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